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What to Look for When Choosing a LASIK Surgery Clinic

LASIK surgery has become a popular procedure nowadays and with the industry continuing to grow it is very important to differentiate the experienced clinics and qualified doctors from those that are not.  Because of the increasing competition certain clinics and doctors have been known to offer unrealistically low prices or make claims and promises that may not be true. It is highly recommended that you choose carefully and research your doctor and clinic first before making a commitment. Yes, the surgery is common but, at the end of the day, it is still a complicated surgery. So, it is a crucial to go for one of the best LASIK surgery clinics and doctors in your area.

Things to Consider:

Latest Equipment and LASIK Techniques

Choose a doctor and clinic which uses regularly updated equipment and state of the art techniques to ensure you are getting the best results. Two of the very latest techniques that are used by the best clinics are Bladeless Technology for the flap creation stage of the procedure and also Wavefront-guided corneal reshaping for that portion of the procedure. There are still LASIK surgery clinics who’s techniques and technology is behind that of the industry standard. so be extra careful in evaluating this. Using old methods means there are chances of risks and mistakes which can be damaging physically, mentally, and of course financially.

Trained Personnel

When you deal with trained staff and doctors of a LASIK surgery clinic, then you are getting the best pre as well as post operative care. Trained personnel are very important and will help ensure a smooth surgery procedure and also a quick and painless recovery.

A Complete Eye Exam

During your initial evaluation for your candidacy for LASIK, make sure your surgeon completes a thorough exam. This means dilating your pupils fully in order to conduct your analysis, and be able to develop your treatment plan and check for eye diseases or other potential issues.

A Highly Experienced Surgeon

It is important to make sure your surgeon has performed the same LASIK procedure many times as this will ensure you are not a “test” case or someone he is still refining his technique on.  Beware of General Ophthalmologists in some cases. Some Ophthalmologist practices may have a lot of experience but relatively limited experience with the LASIK procedure. Some other things to consider.