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Albuquerque, New Mexico

LasikPlus Vision Center
, 11 reviews
Optometrists,Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik,Ophthalmologists
6500 Jefferson St NE,Ste 150,Business Parkway/Academy Acres,Albuquerque, NM 87109

David A Bernitsky, MD
, 5 reviews
Ophthalmologists,Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik
6401 Holly Ave NE,Business Parkway/Academy Acres,Albuquerque, NM 87113

Coleman Vision
, 6 reviews
Ophthalmologists,Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik
5051 Journal Center Blvd NE,Ste 400,Business Parkway/Academy Acres,Albuquerque, NM 87109

The LASIK Vision Institute
, 8 reviews
Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik,Optometrists,Ophthalmologists
7850 Jefferson St. NE,Ste 160,Business Parkway/Academy Acres,Albuquerque, NM 87109

ABQ Lasik Specialists
, 1 reviews
Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik
7113 Prospect Pl NE,Uptown,Albuquerque, NM 87110

Find the right Clinic Near You

Albuquerque, New Mexico like most cities probably has several competing LASIK centers to choose from, so you should definitely check them out and do a little analysis on each clinic. If you cannot find a better one in Albuquerque then we recommend trying in the next closest city in your vicinity. After narrowing down a few different Laser Eye Surgery centers that you feel good about we recommend calling them on the phone. Next we recommend scheduling a time to talk with the Albuquerque LASIK surgeon themselves and not simply the front desk. They will be better qualified and usually have an improved answer for several questions that you have.

One Other Thing to Remember

Always check to observe how long they’ve operated as a clinic and check your Albuquerque LASIK Surgeon’s licensure through your state medical board’s website which will usually have a search function.For more general information about LASIK surgery Click here to visit the WebMD website.
Remember these are just a few steps and a little advice to help you in your search for the right LASIK surgery clinic. There is a lot more information out there online to help with this so we recommend using your own intuition on where to look as well. It had been our goal to provide you some helpful information here so we hope that you found it useful. Good luck with your procedure in Albuquerque!


Some Great Benefits Of LASIK

It really is a sad but true reality that a persons eyes, though amazing with a biological level, will not always work at maximum capacity. They can be incredibly fragile and sometimes normally have problems even under ideal conditions, ultimately causing mild to intense vision impairment. Fortunately, in the modern twenty first century, there a number of ways to correct vision problems. The three most popular are glasses, contacts along with the newest accessory for their list, LASIK surgery. But do you know the benefits of these options to fixing one’s sight?

LASIK Surgery – Pros

The key good thing about LASIK surgery is fairly uncomplicated, but many people feel that these benefits are definitely worth the effort. Simply speaking, LASIK reduces the complications inside a person’s life, even if they have vision problems. Irrespective of what their vision issues may be, a person who gets LASIK surgery not any longer must carry around glasses together wherever they go and keep them clean with bothersome regularity. LASIK treated eyes usually do not fog up or get dirty on the worst possible times. Nor to they should keep abreast the contacts inside their eyes, meaning that the problems of putting a foreign object in one’s eyes every day do not exist for those who get LASIK surgery. One simply provides the surgery and after that enjoys vastly improved vision.

LASIK Surgery – Cons

The key cons of LASIK surgeries are financial and time consumption. Some glasses, a fashionable style made from high quality materials, generally runs for much less than the cost of even an uncomplicated LASIK surgery. An excellent list of contacts is just about the identical price and come in numerous types of options for those who desire to change their eyes. Additionally, enough time it requires to see a medical expert about Albuquerque LASIK surgical procedures are generally similar to the time that it takes to get a new list of glasses or contacts and its associated time commitments take even longer and people on tight schedules do not generally have some time to spend getting even a simple LASIK procedure.

Wearing Glasses – Pros

Glasses are, in their own individual way, another uncomplicated thing to have with. Though many new users find their glasses a little tough to accept initially, individuals who endure them for any couple of years eventually stop considering them until they become a part of the person’s routine. They can be simple and easy , painless to eliminate and merely take an eye exam plus a short shopping trip to have a set of glasses that meets them perfectly. Additionally, since the twenty first century drags on, glasses are slowly but steadily becoming fashionable and classy, particularly using the right set of frames.

Wearing Glasses – Cons

Glasses, however, come at the cost. Although it is effortless to put on and remove them, they can be notoriously fragile and individuals with lifestyles that are intense with physical labor learn that also a tough group of glasses still falls apart easily or worse still becomes a liability inside their lives. Being without good vision in the trade of firefighting, construction or professional athletics could be devastating and glasses generally can not hold up for that form of pressure, least of most consistently. And, as mentioned above, glasses can absolutely try taking some getting used to before someone accepts them as an element of their life.

Eye Contacts – Pros

Contacts occupy a middle ground between glasses and LASIK. They feature the very best of both worlds because they are as removable as glasses and not requiring any surgery, but like LASIK, someone need to put it simply their contacts in and they can see without another device that may prove a liability with their lives. Like glasses, contacts can easily become an integral part of a person’s routine before they are fully aware it and give exactly the same benefits. To advance sweeten the offer, contacts are also available in a multitude of styles, allowing men and women to affect the colors of their eyes to a a little more vibrant hue or something that is completely off of the wall similar to a wolf eye.

Eye Contacts – Cons

You will find a steep learning curve to using contacts. Somebody needs to be able to placed the lenses with their eyeballs without blinking and closing their eyes. It’s an act of will to figure out how to touch one’s exposed eyeballs, more intense than even eye drops. Although this is a skill that may be learned, it is actually a difficult anyone to master. Further, a person’s first utilization of contacts is generally a painful one. It gets less painful with each usage until it is actually a non-factor, but it only leads to the issue of the learning curve to getting used to contacts. It is best that the person looking into contacts discover how to touch their eyeballs before purchasing contact lenses.